Our Code


Our Code of Business Conduct (Our Code) sets out the standards we expect from all of our people, in each of our operating companies, within the Ertech group of companies – what we value and how we work with each other and with others.

Our Code is the business principles we follow to demonstrate and ensure our integrity to all stakeholders:

  • Individually and with fellow employees
  • With our community and governments
  • With our clients and business partners
  • When using business resources

Our Code is not new, it is only formalising the good principles and practices that already guide our decision making and provides consistent guidelines to help us decide the right thing to do. Integrity and ethical conduct have always been at the heart of our way of doing business. Our Code clarifies the boundaries of what is right and ethical.

Our ValuesOur Way and Our Code provide a unifying bond across all of our operating companies, providing a solid foundation for our future success.

Click here the download a copy of Our Code